Thursday, November 21, 2019

How does the theme loneliness between the main characters differ in Essay

How does the theme loneliness between the main characters differ in the power and the glory and the quiet american by Graham Greene - Essay Example In the sorrowful and bleak context of â€Å"the Quiet American† and â€Å"the Power and the Glory† the theme of loneliness is handled to expose the bare nature of life. Fowler in his fifties is a drug addicted middle aged British correspondence in Vietnam. He is in love with a beautiful young Vietnamese girl Phuong who eludes with Pyle, a young American. Indeed amid this triangle love grows to alleviate the pain of loneliness. Fowler is detached from his wife for some years and his life is sagged with the burdens of blood, death and the destructions of the war. Here love plays the role of a soothing factor of loneliness. Fowler’s loneliness appears to crave for love of the orphan as a soothing bypass of his inner suffering. Even then the bleakness of the novel facilitates to the dawning of the question whether mercy of God for his creature man as religion asserts is believable enough or if life is meaningful enough to live or even all the institutions and systems concerned with human life are worthy enough to obey, when man thrown amid the crunch and crisis of this world has to struggle to find the way-out himself by his own laws. Incontrovertibly the two novels â€Å"The Power and the Glory† and â€Å"The Quiet American† deal with the interactions among politics, religion and common life of human beings, but in the two novels Graham Greene’s treatment of ‘loneliness’ sets their tone of these interactions on the premise that man is too lonely in his lonely path of life to receive any sympathy from others for his pain and agony. Man himself is to take care of his own wound and agony. Greene is always aware of the fact that Man’s pain and suffering are further stimulated by his loneliness and vice-versa. Greene’s characters are apparently modern; they suffer from the crunches between their belief and disbelief in God, duty and desires, individual and ideals, and sometimes between individual and the society. These crunches are

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