Friday, December 20, 2019

Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola - 1751 Words

This assignment is prepared in order to fulfill the partial requirement of our graduate program MBA (Masters in Business Administration) under Westcliff University. The students are assigned to submit Comprehensive Learning Assessment of marketing on a product or service. This assignment has been prepared with a different idea in mind. This assignment contains a brief introduction of a product Coca Cola. Also, I have performed an environmental analysis, industry analysis, SWOT analysis and marketing mix analysis in order to identify the potential areas of growth and areas where more attention is required for the success of the business. The main objective of this assignment is to develop and study a media plan of Coca Cola. This media†¦show more content†¦Apart from developing media plan objective this paper tries to identify the positioning of Coca Cola in the global market and to develop strategies to improve the positioning of Coca Cola in coming days. Introduction Coca Cola Company is the world’s leading soft drinks, operates in more than 200 countries and sells 400 brands of non-alcoholic beverages in beverages industry. Coca Cola is also the most valuable brand in the world and world’s largest manufacturer and distributor. Coca Cola is a globally recognized and known successful company. The Coca Cola was founded on May of 1886. As late as the 1990s, Coca Cola was one of the most respected and impressive companies in the world, known as a very successful and most impressive management team (Nasdaq, 2014). Since 1998, the Coca Cola Company has been tackling with internal weaknesses, imperfection, and external risks and threats uncertainty. Marketing Environment Analysis of Coca Cola An organization needs to analyze its PESTLE factors in order to identify the external factors that may affect their business or may occur in the market. So, this environmental analysis is performed to analyze the factors that may affect the operation of Coca Cola Company. The marketing environment analysis of Coca Cola is as follows: Political Factors Coca Cola non-alcoholic beverages are within the food category. Coca Cola is a global product and is

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